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Wellness On A Plate Ebook: Healthy & Tasy Recipes Ebook

Wellness On A Plate Ebook: Healthy & Tasy Recipes Ebook

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The BEST nutrition guide for body maintenance and building lean muscle while losing fat. This ebook will be your bible for you to change your habits, learn to eat right, fall in love with healthy food, achieve the ultimate healthy lifestyle and body goals.

BUILD: Split up into 3 chapters. Introduction, Nutrition Guide and Healthy & Tasty Recipes.

"If you want to start a lean bulk journey or lose fat while maintaining your curves, I got you!"


-"Where to Start?" Morning Routine Tips

-How to never give up on your diet

-Portion Control guide with visuals

-How to combine MACROS

-Healthy Grocery List

-Meat, Pescatorian, Vegetarian and Vegan meal ideas

-How to create your own meal & snack ideas with visuals.


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